The County is in the process of updating its Growth Policy. The document will be a guide for addressing the various issues and opportunities that the County faces, including the impacts of plant closures at Colstrip.   Your advice and guidance is essential to making this project a success. Please take the time to complete […]

Rosebud County EMS will be hosting an EMT course….

starting on April 27th-28th. The rest of the course dates will be decided by the students that weekend. The course will run 5 weekends total with self-study between classes. The 5 classes will have at least 2 weeks between each… class. The course will cost $300, plus the book and test fee. The book can […]

JOB OPENING – Sheriff 911 Dispatcher

Rosebud County Sheriff’s Office is currently accepting applications for one full time 911 Dispatcher Shift: Full time: works an average of 40 hours per week in 12 hour rotating shifts. Wage: Starting wage is $12.50 per hour with a 50 cent increase every six months of employment based on a performance evaluation. After three years […]

NOTICE- Domesticated pets have been seen

leaving town and harassing calves.  For the safety of your family pets and new born calves we are asking that you keep your pets locked up and don’t let them roam around or out of town.

Yoga & Arthritis Exercises For Seniors

Gentle*Easy to Follow*Effective designed especially for Seniors. The Yoga Class is every Wednesday at 9:00AM The poses is approached with softness and support by our qualified instructor and nurse, Gigi Wolfe The Arthritis Exercises are every Monday & Friday’s at 9:00 AM Simple range of motion and stretching exercises designed to reduce joint pain and […]

Coal works for Montana.

Not only do Montana’s vast reserves of coal provide hundreds of high-paying jobs for workers and their families in Colstrip, but communities all across the state benefit from this rich resource.