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Landfill 406-351-1693

All Roll-off sites (Rosebud, Ashland, Reservation Creek, Ingomar and Birney) are open 7 days per week, 24 hours per day. It is the Roll-Off site users responsibility to see that all material is deposited inside the container and not extending above or outside the container. Material must be reduced in size as much as possible before depositing in containers.

All loads to the Landfill, Transfer Station and Roll-Off sites are required to be secured and covered or enclosed.

Please be observant of any moving equipment/vehicles.  We utilize several types of machinery and vehicles. Please do NOT pass any piece of equipment going the same direction as you.  If there is a piece of equipment working where you need to dump, please wait for them off to the side and give them plenty of space to work. We will give you a “thumbs up” when you are clear to unload.

The Attended sites are Rosebud County Landfill at Colstrip and Forsyth Transfer Station.
The Unattended sites are Rosebud, Ashland, Reservation Creek, Ingomar and Birney.

(YES) means we will take at the site. (NO) means we will not take at the site.

Landfill Canisters
1. Household garbage YES YES
2. Commercial garbage (non-hazardous) YES YES
3. Refrigeration units YES NO
4. All other appliances YES NO
5. Cold ashes only. NO HOT ASHES YES YES
6. Dead animals under 200 lbs YES YES
7. Dead animals over 200 lbs LANDFILL ONLY $30 charge YES NO
8. Spoiled grain YES YES
9. Asbestos – CALL AHEAD YES NO
10. Oil Filters (must be drained & punctured) YES YES
11. Tires YES NO
12. Treated grain LANDFILL ONLY YES NO
13. Liquid Pesticides NO NO
14. Liquid Herbicides NO NO
15. Chemical containers under 5 gal. in volume (triple rinsed & cut open) YES NO
Chemical containers over 5 gal. in volume (triple rinsed and both ends removed) YES NO
16. Fluorescent lights and bulbs in small quantities only (not broken, if possible) YES YES
17. Paint (must be dried) YES YES
18. Liquids (in any form) NO NO
19. Petroleum products NO NO
20. Batteries YES NO
21. Medical waste (infectious) NO NO
22. Vehicles, Machinery, Major parts LANDFILL ONLY YES NO
23. Yard Residue (grass, leaves, etc.) YES YES
24. Clean untreated, unpainted, unprocessed wood, tree trimmings and pallets ($35.00 per ton charge – *Large Volume)
a. Stumps LANDFILL ONLY $35.00 PER TON
25. Painted or treated wood, processed wood products (*Large Volume) 4′ Length 4′ Length
26. Building demolition- all materials must be taken to LANDFILL
(Buildings, roofs, etc. – $35.00 per ton charge – *Large Volume) – CALL AHEAD
27. Concrete and Masonry materials – LANDFILL ONLY ($35.00 per ton charge – *Large Volume) CALL AHEAD YES NO
28. Asphalt – LANDFILL ONLY ($35.00 per ton) – CALL AHEAD YES NO



*Large Volume means more than a pickup load
Pickup load is defined as water-level full on standard box

State and Federal regulations require that landfills randomly screen materials to identify unacceptable materials and the District is obligated to report any such materials to the Department of Health and Environmental Sciences and/or the U.S. Environmental protection Agency for prosecution.

If you have any questions about landfill usage or regulations, please call Louie Hegel.

Office Hours

Monday – Friday: 8 AM – 4 PM

Saturday : 10 AM – 4 PM
Closed from November 1 – March 31

Sunday: CLOSED

New Years Day, Martin Luther King JR. Day,
Presidents Day, Memorial Day,
Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day,
Federal General Election Day,
Veterans’ Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day

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