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The Victim / Witness Assistant shall have the main responsibility for making sure that the maximum service to victims in attained within the budget and time constraints of the program. This person will be responsible for conducting public awareness campaigns, training other agencies and service organizations in victims’ rights, acting as a liaison between the various agencies and providing statute mandated services as well as crises counseling and court advocacy to victims. This person should have the ability to relate to victims in a compassionate manner, have a flexibility to work overtime when crisis situations occur, demonstrate positive regard for the criminal justice system, communicate effectively one-on-one and to groups and have the respect for the confidentiality of victims.

The assistant is under the direct supervisor and control of the County Attorney and subject to all terms, rules and conditions as established by the Board of Crime Control.


The Criminal Justice System and You: An Informational Guide for Victims of Crime, produced by Montana Attorney General’s Office, Officer of Victim Services, Revised November 2006, covers the following topics:

  1. Your Rights
  2. Victim Responsibilities
  3. Order of Protection
  4. V.I.N.E. (Victim Information and Notification Everyday)
  5. Crime Victim Compensation
  6. Victim Services Programs
  7. Victim Services Statewide
Laws on Treatment of Victims and Witnesses
  • Title 46, Chapter 24 of the Montana Code governs the treatment of victims and witnesses in criminal cases.
Laws on Partner or Family Member Assault
  • Provisions of family law relating to partner or family member assault are found in Title 40, Chapter 15, Montana Code.
  • Provisions of criminal law relating to partner or family member assault are found in Title 45, Chapter 5, Part 2 and include Sections 45-5-206 and 45-2-209.
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