Misdemeanor Probation

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Stacy T. Colbrese Probation Officer 406-749-4809 scolbrese@rosebudcountymt.com

The Rosebud County Misdemeanor Probation Program provides the Forsyth City, Colstrip City, Rosebud County Justice and 16th Judicial District Courts an alternative to placing an offender in jail by offering pretrial supervision and probation. The program’s main goal is to make the Defendant accountable for his crime and to deter him from continuing to commit offenses. The Defendant is held accountable by the probation officer monitoring his movement throughout the community by notifying all law enforcement in the county who is on probation, monitoring their involvement with treatment agencies, the Defendant’s use of drugs and alcohol, employment, and any other sentencing requirements of the courts. The Probation Officer supervises and monitors the actions and behaviors of the Defendants to ensure compliance with the court-imposed conditions, and to provide for the safety of victims and the community, by holding the Defendant accountable and responsible for their behavior.

The Rosebud County Misdemeanor Probation Program in addition to pretrial supervision and probation, provides valuable resources for treatment and counseling options for chemical dependency and mental health, provides GPS/electronic monitoring, community service referrals, and ensures that the needs of the community, victims and judicial system are met.

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417 Willow Ave
PO Box 486
Colstrip, MT 59323