Rural Addressing

Name Position Phone Email
Amy Adler Rural Addressing Coordinator 406-351-1344

Why do I need a Rural Address?

Rural Addressing is needed for 911 purposes. When a call is placed to 911 from your land line phone your location is automatically popped up on a screen in dispatch at the sheriff’s office. They are then able to direct what ever emergency service to your location.

What if I don’t have a land line?

You still need to have a physical address, so it can be given to dispatch and they can search for the address in the system and then direct emergency services to your location.

Who else uses my physical address?

Physical address are used by shipping company’s (Fed ex, UPS etc.) When you order from the internet the vender verifies your address is a reliable shippable address.

How do I get a physical address if I don’t have one?

You can contact the Rural Addressing office at given on the side.

Phone Number




110 S 12th St
PO Box 962
Forsyth MT, 59327