Superintendent of Schools

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Lisa Blevins Superintendent of Schools 406-346-2537

Administrative Duties of the County Superintendent of School

  • Carry out duties prescribed by the legislature, Board of Public Education and the State Superintendent of Public Instruction.
  • As a county government official and county school officer, provide general supervision of public schools in the county.
  • Assist trustees with school supervision.
  • Advise and direct teachers on instruction, pupil discipline and other duties of the teacher.
  • Visit schools at the request of the trustees.
  • Consult with the trustees on all school matters that may be found during observation of the school or may otherwise cone to their attention.
  • Provide for supervision to any school with an enrollment of fewer than 150 students and not under the supervision of district superintendent or principal.
  • Administer oaths of office to trustees.
  • Provide other services to districts that fall within the scope of the statutes
  • Promote educational growth and improvement.


Hear and decide all matters of controversy arising as a result of decisions of the trustees of a district in the county.


As Chief County School Financial Officer calculate budgets and levies for the following:

  • General Fund
  • Transportation Fund
  • Retirement Fund
  • Tuition Fund
  • Bus depreciation
  • Adult Education
  • Debt Service
  • Building Reserve
  • Certify district ANB
  • Compile annual financial report
  • Distribute County Equalization revenues.

Other Duties

  • Chairman of the County Transportation Committee
  • Member of the High School Boundary Commission of the County
  • Attendance officer for a district under prescribed conditions.

Record Keeping

Record all official acts:

  • School District Organization
  • School District Alteration
  • School District Abandonment
  • Establishment of Nominating Districts
  • Distribution of Federal and State Revenue
  • Teacher Supervision and Evaluation
  • School Controversies/ Hearings
  • County Transportation Committee Acts

Record and Preserve Records:

  • Attendance Agreements
  • Transportation Contracts
  • Student Enrollment/Attendance Records
  • Fall Reports
  • Election Data
  • Student Records
  • Preliminary/Final Budgets
  • Trustee Annual Reports
  • School District Audits
  • Personal Records
  • Home School Registrations


  • Register All Professional Certificates
  • Bus Driver Certificates
  • Bus Inspection Certificates
  • Clerk Appointments
  • Trustee’s Certificate of Election
  • Trustee’s Oath of Office


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