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Yvonne Redding Department Head
Julia Jones Tech Librarian
Kaylee Sewell Front Desk Clerk
Angela Davila Programming Librarian

Happenings at the Library:

Established in 1919, Rosebud County Library prides itself on being a major community partner in Forsyth and all of Rosebud and Treasure Counties. Our library is an ever-evolving, progressive, welcoming space that offers a wide range of services. We have a large collection of fiction and non-fiction books, a special Montana collection, audiobooks, DVDs and internet hotspots available for checkout. Computers and iPads are available for in-house use. Patrons will find the Montana Shared Catalog on all public computers. The Montana Shared Catalog can also be accessed anywhere from any internet-connected device at   There is free internet available to the public through the public computer stations and free Wi-Fi access for patrons to connect their own personal devices. Staff is available, by appointment, to assist patrons with their personal devices and to offer help with downloading eBooks and audiobooks through the Libby app. We are a site for proctored testing in both digital and paper form for colleges throughout Eastern Montana as well. We offer weekly programming and a variety of special programming throughout the year, such as author talks, book sales, humanities programs, open houses and a Summer Reading program for all ages. There is also a large community room available for the public to rent as well as a full kitchen and a smaller meeting room. Please take advantage of our many free services at Rosebud County Library.

  • Story Hour: Fridays at 10:00
    Members of the community read stories and lead a craft or activity.
  • Tot Time for Ages 0-5: Thursdays at 10:00
    Tot Time is an early-literacy program held in the Community Room of the library basement
    with stories, music, social time, toys, games and crafts.
  • Lego Club: Wednesdays at 3:00 pm after school on early release day
  • Hungry High Schooler’s Book Club: Mondays in the Community Room of the library basement
    during Forsyth High School lunch break.


Rosebud County Library is governed by the Rosebud County Library Board of Trustees (Library Board).   The Library Board consists of five members appointed by the Rosebud County Commissioners in accordance with the Montana Code Annotated.

Membership of the Library Board represents geographical areas of Rosebud County, with one member being from Treasure County, per the “Agreement for Library Services”.

Current Trustees include:

  • Tammy Luther of Forsyth
  • Ann Hills of Colstrip
  • Nancy Nile of Forsyth, Chair
  • Angela Campbell of Forsyth
  • Larry Fink of Hysham

With the exception of the month of July, meetings of the Library Board are held monthly.

Mission Statement

Rosebud County Library will provide its community with access to quality library services and programming. The library operates for the betterment of all residents including children, teens, young adults, young families, adults, and senior citizens. The library serves as a center for lifelong learning, technology, and community gathering.

Follow the instructions to download ebooks and audiobooks

Bicentennial Library and Rosebud County Library provide Internet access in the form of public computer workstations and Wi-Fi for the purpose of conducting personal business, research, information, education, communication, and recreation consistent with our mission statement. There is no charge for this service other than printed copies. It is assumed that all users agree to the conditions of this policy when they begin a computer or Wi-Fi session.
Confidentiality and Patron Responsibility
Bicentennial Library and Rosebud County Library uphold the right of confidentiality and privacy for all library users. Users are expected to behave responsibly, to follow the basic library rules and regulations, and to respect the privacy of others. With the understanding that Bicentennial Library and Rosebud County Library do not use filters or block websites on our public computers or Wi-Fi, Internet users must respect the public setting and be considerate of others and socially responsible. This includes leaving a site if it is inappropriate or offensive. Use of sites containing obscene content in a public setting is illegal under MCA 45-8-201 and will be reported to law enforcement.
Librarians cannot act in the place of parents or provide constant care and supervision of children as
they explore the Internet or other library resources. The responsibility for what minors read or view
rests with parents/guardians. It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to monitor or provide
guidelines for their own children regarding Internet use and safety. Children under grade 2
(Bicentennial Library) or age 10 (Rosebud County Library) must be accompanied by a parent,
guardian, or teacher.
Computer and Internet Use Guidelines
1. Patrons must check in prior to using computer work stations.
2. Computers are available on a first come, first served basis unless a patron reserves a time.
3. Students will be given priority use of appropriate computer(s) during scheduled proctored
tests. The libraries may have special computers set aside only for student use.
4. Patrons who require accommodations are given priority to use the appropriate workstation
for their needs. Patrons who do not require accommodations may be asked to give up an
accessible workstation for someone who requires an accommodation.
5. Time limits and costs for printed copies are unique to each individual library and must be
paid at the front desk prior to patron receiving their copies or leaving the library.
6. The libraries recommend one person per computer. If users share a computer, their behavior must comply with normal library rules or they will be asked to move.
7. Offensive language and loud conversations are disruptive and will not be permitted.
8. Headphones must be worn any time volume is on while using public computers, library
laptops/devices, or personal laptops/devices. Headphones are available at the front desk.
9. No food or drink is allowed at public computers or while using library laptops/devices.
10. Cell phone use is not permitted while using public computer workstations.
11. Patrons are expected to inform a librarian if there are any technical problems with computers.
12. Some public computers may be set to automatically shut down 15 minutes prior to closing.
13. Whether it be on a library computer/device or on a personal laptop/device, library staff will
provide basic instructions and identify specific starting points for searches. Obtaining further
computer instruction is the responsibility of users. Although librarians are happy to show you
how to use your personal laptop/device, they are not trained or permitted to fix it.
Unacceptable Uses
1. If patrons willfully damage library computers, they will be required to pay for necessary repairs.
2. Patrons are not allowed to download software or computer files to the hard drive. Library
public computers are wiped out nightly and the libraries are not responsible for loss of data.
Use of personal storage drives or CD’s on library computers must be pre-approved by the
librarian. Blank CD’s and/or USB drives may be available for a cost from the library. The
library is not responsible for damage to media or corruption of data, including that caused by
mechanical malfunction resulting from a virus/spyware infection while using library computers.
3. Internet users are responsible for complying with copyright law, licensing agreements, and the
policies of individual web sites that they view. The libraries take copyright infringement and
illegal downloading seriously and may take appropriate measures to prevent misuse such as
changing the Wi-Fi password and tracking IPs as necessary. Misuse of computer equipment or
software may result in loss of computer privileges, loss of library privileges, and prosecution.
4. Patrons may not violate others’ privacy, attempt to gain access to another person’s files,
engage in any activity that is deliberately offensive or creates an intimidating or hostile
environment, send or receive illegal materials, cyberbully, participate in defamation,
misrepresent themselves, or use the libraries’ computers for commercial purposes.
6. Using email, chat rooms, and other forms of direct electronic communications that compromise
the safety and security of minors is not permitted.
7. Disclosing or dispersing the personal information of any individual on the internet in any
manner that violates Montana’s laws regarding privacy and confidentiality or the United States Constitution is not permitted.
8. Participating in any form of unauthorized access to other computers, networks, or information
systems is not permitted.
9. Illegal activities and those that interfere with or disrupt, the network, users, services, or
equipment are prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, changing any of the computer
settings/configurations/software/hardware and any attempts to hack into the library computer
system or Wi-Fi network. The libraries reserve the right to monitor public computers when a
violation of policy or illegal activity is suspected. Staff is authorized to take immediate
action to protect the security of computers and the network and to confiscate any removable
media, require a user to leave a computer or the premises, and contact law enforcement.
Failure to comply with this policy may result in a loss of user privileges. At the discretion of
library staff, minor violations may result in a verbal or written warning. Policy violations are
subject to Montana State Law and the Ordinances of the Cities of Colstrip and Forsyth.
Internet Safety Suggestions
1. Be a good online consumer by considering the source, date, accuracy, and safety of online
information. The libraries cannot vouch for the accuracy or appropriateness of Internet sites.
2. It is inadvisable to offer identifying personal information over the Internet.
3. It is recommended that users log out of all websites, email, etc. before leaving the workstation.
4. Parents should encourage children to only use sites that they approve of and to avoid sites
that they consider to be unsuitable or inappropriate.
5. Parents should provide guidelines for children on the amount of time they spend online.
6. Parents should instruct children to never give out personal information (name, address,
password, telephone number, credit card number) online.
This document was approved by the Rosebud County Library Board on May 9th, 2018.

PDF form of Policy





Scheduled Closings

The libraries are closed on Sundays and on each of the following holidays:

New Year’s Day on January 1st

Martin Luther King Jr. Day on the 3rd Monday in January

President’s Day on the 3rd Monday in February

The Saturday immediately prior to Memorial Day (Not a paid holiday)

Memorial Day on the last Monday in May

Independence Day on July 4th

The Saturday immediately prior to Labor Day (Not a paid holiday)

Labor Day on the first Monday in September

Columbus Day on the 2nd Monday in October

General Election Day on the first Tuesday after November 1st

Veteran’s Day on November 11th

Thanksgiving Day on the 4th Thursday in November

Christmas Eve Day on December 24th (Not a paid holiday)

Christmas Day on December 25th

New Year’s Eve Day on December 31st (Not a paid holiday)

Any other holiday as designated by Rosebud County


When any federal holiday falls on a Sunday, the Libraries will be closed on the following Monday.


Training/Community Events

At the discretion of Director and Board Chair, each library may close up to, but not to exceed, two full days per year for staff training or a community event at which the library is providing services.


Memorial Services

At the discretion of Director and Board Chair, each library may close so that all staff can attend the memorial service of a staff person or their family member, a library trustee or their family member, a patron, or a Rosebud County employee.


Emergency Closings

Emergencies or catastrophes, including but not limited to, extreme weather, utility failure, flooding, facility structural issues, seismic activity, fire, explosion, or other perceived threats to library staff or facilities may require closing the libraries during normal hours of operation at the discretion of Director and Board Chair.  In the event of an emergency when Director cannot be reached by staff, staff will contact Board Chair directly.  Should both Director and Board Chair be unreachable during an emergency, library staff may contact any member of the Board for permission to close the library.


Approved by the Rosebud County Library Board on September 11, 2019

All library closings will be posted at the library as well as on social media.


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