County Commissioners

  Name Position Email
Robert E. Lee Robert E. Lee Presiding Officer, District 1
Douglas D. Martens Douglas D. Martens District 2
Ed Joiner Ed Joiner District 3
Charlene Berdahl Administrative Secretary

  • labelJob Opening - Administrative Assistant

    Rosebud County will be accepting applications for the position of a full time Administrative Assistant to the Rosebud County Commissioners. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, secretarial duties, preparation of Agenda and Minutes, processing claims, scheduling appointments, preparing Resolutions, Contracts, Leases and Agreements, handling accounts payable and receivable for the Landfill and Airport, assist with sale of Cemetery plots, preparation and tracking of all bids, grants and County board vacancies. Position requires constant contact with public and fellow employees, requiring tact, diplomacy and confidentiality. Candidates must be a high school graduate and have at least 4 years experience in an office setting. Computer and office equipment skills required. Bookkeeping and/or accounting skills preferred.  Applications may be obtained at the Rosebud County Commissioners Office.

    Application deadline, August 23 with a mid-September starting date.

    Application available here

  • labelJob Opening - Civil Secretary - Sheriff's Office

    Class Title:    Civil Secretary – Sheriff’s Office

    Department:  Sheriff’s Office

    Accountable to:  Sheriff or Undersheriff



    Under general direction manages the Sheriff’s Office, performs secretarial duties, maintains contact with the public and other agencies on behalf of the Sheriff; Supervises all office responsibilities.  Work varies, individual judgment within prescribed procedures is required.



    • Must possess computer skills, with the ability to hear and speak with clarity;
    • Physical requirements include bending, stooping, climbing stairs, prolonged sitting, and lifting
    • Up to 35#s (greater with assistance);
    • Hazards and discomforts are controllable;
    • Must possess a valid Montana Operator’s license.



    • Types, files, transcribes from recordings, types statements, correspondence and other material;
    • Provides information to the public and operational personnel;
    • Receives telephone calls, visitors, routes incoming and outgoing mail, may arrange conference, committee and/or board meetings, and prepare their agendas;
    • Operates computers and all other office equipment;
    • Performs specific duties that include the maintenance and balancing of cash, collects and accounts for fees and charges;
    • Prepares and processes Civil Documents and Warrants;
    • Assists the Sheriff or Undersheriff in coordinating the department program operations;
    • Submits all department claims for payment;
    • Organizes and maintains files of records, reports, documents, correspondence and manuals;
    • Initiates monthly and annual reports, statistical reports and other department operational records;
    • May work with information which is generally limited and confidential;
    • Is responsible for and maintains supplies and general office equipment used in Forsyth, Colstrip and Ashland Offices;
    • Position requires substantial and constant contact with public and fellow employees where the use of tact and diplomacy is required and confidentially of material is paramount.



    Generally, none, however may, by direction, supervise others as assigned.



    • Graduation from high school or equivalent. Computer experience is required, PLUS
    • Some demonstrated progressively responsible secretarial experience, with one (1) year of office management experience desirable;
    • Computer experience is required as well as Excel experience;
    • Must possess a valid Montana Operator’s License.



    • Directs and monitors Sheriff’s Office activities;
    • Oversees all correspondence and record management relating to the Sheriff’s Office and posts bookkeeping entries on computer as required;
    • May supervise the handling and service of civil and criminal papers, case files, maintains department internal financial records, processes confidential medical information, and maintains liaison between departments or other agencies;
    • Requires substantial and constant contact with the public where the use of tact and diplomacy and confidentiality is required;
    • Establishes and maintains effective working relationships with fellow employees, other agencies, and the public;
    • Maintains accurate records of sexual/violent offenders, concealed weapons permit holders, incident reports, and written citations in Rosebud County;
    • Perform other such duties that may be assigned.

    Application available here

    Back Ground Check available here

    Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform any non-essential job function.

    Resume is preferred but not required.

Monthly Minutes


NOTES from the Commissioners:

Census 2020

It may seem early to think about it but a very important time is approaching. The U.S. census is done every ten years and the time is now approaching us.

The census is used in various ways which effects our state, county, and many individuals. Each person recorded in our state amounts to almost two thousand dollars per year for the next ten years. That’s twenty thousand dollars per person! This money comes to the state for various programs which we will get in to in more depth as time goes on.

The Rosebud County Commissioners are interested in forming a Complete Count Committee. This committee will be formed to help inform the public about the implications the census does have, and to promote public service announcements and inform the public about the census.

Anyone interested in volunteering to be on this committee please let the Rosebud County Commissioners know! It will not be very demanding but your ideas are valued. You may contact us at 346-2251, or stop by the courthouse.

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